Public reversement

Chaussee de Haecht 226 – 234

The Social Administrative Center Schaerbeek uses printing paper to its fullest potential. After having been printed on, the paper is reversed and used again for another occassion.
The entrance hall behind the large glass facade is the place where announcements usually are posted. Allthough it might not be obvious at first glance, some of the posters are meant to be read from inside the building. When pasted on the windows, the old messages which are still on the back of the paper can be read by people outside, passing by on the pavement. This way it happens that messages which were once used for internal communication end up being made public.

On this reversed and tilted poster for example, we can read a call to take part in the town hall’s Employee Party on january 13, 2006.
Usefull to know:
*meals are 8 euro’s for staff, but 15 euro’s
for husbands and wives who do not work in the town house
*we can email Gerda with which persons
we would like to share our table …
*Hoping to see you all at our first party for employees of the town hall!