Exit Kattenkot


Since Kattenkot1and Expanding Kattenkot I haven’t been posting images of changes to the Cat shelter on the Varkensmarkt for a while; simply because nothing much happend to it. The construction had reached a more or less stable situation in which only minor changes occurred.

On Sunday May 22nd the shelter suddenly dispeared. The shelter was built in front of a vacant lot which seven years ago was promised to youth theatre company Bronx as the future site for their new theatre building. For financial reasons these plans have recently been abandoned by the funding ministries. On Sunday Bronx organised a support picnic to protest to this development. To make the terrain accessible and look beautiful, the gates to the terrain were opened up and the pavement was sweeped clean from all drifting litter. Unfortunately for the cats, for the woman who built and maintained the shelter, for me and other lovers of improvised structures, the cat shelter did not survive this incidental outburst of local cleansing.