How to play video?

Because many users, visitors and publishers alike, choose not to take part in the use of proprietary software, web content must be available through freely implementable open standards in order to reach these users.

That’s the reason why the video’s in this blog are encoded as ogg/vorbis (sound) and theora (video) in an .ogv media container.

If you use a Firefox webbrowser, video’s should play natively in your browser. They are included in the posts by using the html5 video tag. If for some reason your browser has problems playing the files, or you would desire more info, a good place to start is the Video tag page of the W3C.

If you prefer to play the video’s outside the site, you can use VLC mediaplayer. That pretty much guarantees fluent playback.

What to do:
1 Go to:
Choose your platform (Windows, Mac or Linux). Download VLC player

2 Install VLC player

3 Start VLC
choose: File / Open Network stream

4 Go to the post containing the video of your choice,
Copy the URL of the video.

5 Paste the URL in the ‘Media Resource Locator’ in the ‘Open Network Stream’ window
Click OK

The video will play