l’Arabe / Arabische

Fotobibliotheek - 1173

“l’heroisme militaire belge aneantit l’arabe esclavagiste / de belgische militaire heldenmoed verdelgt den arabische slavendrijver”

This inscription is part of the ‘Monument for the pioneers in Congo’ in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, which was erected in 1921.

Recently the “Monument for the pioneers in Congo” has been textually corrected. It is not the first time this happens .

Fotobibliotheek - 1174

Fotobibliotheek - 1175

Earlier erasures and reïnsertions of the word L’ARABE / ARABISCHE where embedded in political programs, of either rightwing or political correct organisations.
(See …. slavendrijver)
This recent ‘correction’ is carried out with force and agression, and has not yet been claimed by anybody.
More info will follow soon.