Terra cotta decor

Scheldestraat 91, Molenbeek

The neighborhood around the Rue de l’escaut is constructed at the end of the nineteenth, beginning of the twentieth century. Building styles were influenced by the historic presence of industrial economy, steel production and transportation, through the nearby canal and Thurn + Taxis railway station. Architectural hybrids between neo-classisicm, art-nouveau and art-deco are common. Nowadays, the neighborhood is inhabited by many people from North-African / Mediterranean descent. The taste for decorative floral geometric patterns that were already present in the decor of the buildings is confirmed through vernacular additions by inhabitants.
Apart from the choice of material and the clumsy way they have been cemented in place, these terra-cotta decorative pots seem to fit rather well with their wrought iron and hard stone support. Time might allow them natural wear to fuse more with the color of the bricks of the building.