Unscootered stand

Recently these two bikes have appeared, parked in a somewhat a-typical manner, in the Rue Pierre Victor Jacobs, Molenbeek. Often, bikes that are left outside in the street in the city are chained to something solid, a sign pole, a rain tube, to protect them from being displaced or stolen, but here they are parked in a bike stand that is freestanding on the street, not fixed to anything. The rack provides for placing two bikes, they are thus basically locked to each other.
The spot in which the bikes are is historically reserved for two wheeled vehicles: the place used to be occupied by a scooter; locked to an adapted pallet. (see post below) That scooter plus the wooden structure were a bit more visible and heavy, and obstructed cars from parking here, whereas the transparency of the bikes and the lightweight bent metal of the bicycle rack renders them less present in the street. This might explain why a red plastic safety cone has been added to the situation.

Scooter stand