Changed situation

Steenweg op Merchtem / chaussée de Merchtem, coming from Rue Piers.

Since some time a troubling traffic sign is put up. (see previous post below). It mentions that the Chaussée de Gand, on the other end of the Merchtem street, can not be reached. But a small test proved that his is not the case, there are no road works, and nothing obstructs our passage the Gentse Steenweg / Chaussée de Gand without any problem. One would say that this sign could have been taken away. However, there is a second sign above the first one, telling us that the “traffic situation has been changed”. Eeeh, yes, changed relative to which moment in time ?

If you continue on the Rue Mombaerts, on the corner with Rue Bonnevie, a sign rephrases the initial message: “Circulation modifiée” (changed circulation) or in Dutch: “Gewijzigde situatie” (changed situation). How ever nice this dialectic reflection might be, question is what it is trying to convey us ?

***se steenweg / chausee de ***