Klink, poigné

Ladies room, Bozar / Palais des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles

Bilingual alteration on a note pasted inside the women’s toilets of the Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, explaining how this doorknob works in dutch and french.

To close the door
Push the button in the middle

To open the door
Turn button handle to the right

If my debutant level of french doesn’t deceive me; Poignée can be used to signify both ‘handle’ and ‘doorknob’, so this correction would make sense.
But although Klink is the proper translation of Poignée, the word which is crossed out (knop) is actually closer to ‘doorknob’. It’s replacement Klink refers more to handle.
The alterations seem to confuse as much as they clarify.