Yellow Black White


Rue d’Andenne, 1060 Saint-Gilles

A door with a rather atypical colour scheme.
Now that the world cup soccer is played in Brazil and flags of many colours fly in the streets of Brussels, i can’t help wondering of this could be a way to express sympathy to a certain country ? But black yellow and white flags are quite scarce.

Maybe it refers to the flag of Brunei ?

Or maybe to the black-yellow-white, so-called “monarchical”, flag that king Aleksander II of Russia waved over goverment and administration institutes between 1858 and 1883, its colors symbolizing earth-gold and silver. ?

Or does it refer to the national flag of the house of Habsburg that was in use in Austria until 1918.?

Or is it a way to test colours before deciding to paint the whole door in one of them ?
Let’s hope it was meant to be what it is: a different and out of the ordinairy door decoration.